Java, the best argument for Smalltalk since C++.

 "The fact is,
 No matter how closely I study it,
 No matter how far I take it apart,
 No matter how far I break it down;
 It remains Consistent.

I wish you were here to see it! "

Smalltalk is dangerous. It is a drug. My advice to you would be don't try it; it could ruin your life. Once you take the time to learn it (to REALLY learn it) you will see that there is nothing out there (yet) to touch it. Of course, like all drugs, how dangerous it is depends on your character. It may be that once you've got to this stage you'll find it difficult (if not impossible) to "go back" to other languages and, if you are forced to, you might become an embittered character constantly muttering ascerbic comments under you breath. Who knows, you may even have to quit the software industry altogether because nothing else lives up to your new expectations.
                                                               -- AndyBower 

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